Important Settings

Settings to Implement your most important features

Configure Past Orders

Our platform offers a flexible setting that empowers store owners to specify the start date from which past orders should be synchronized. This feature is designed to provide you with control over how far back you wish to import your order history, ensuring that the synchronization process aligns with your specific business needs and preferences. By selecting a custom start date for past order sync, you can tailor the integration of historical data to suit your store's requirements, enhancing your ability to manage and review past transactions effectively. This customization option simplifies data management, offering a tailored approach to order synchronization that prioritizes ease and precision for store owners.

Upselling Products

TrackOrder includes a unique feature that allows you to enhance the tracking page generated by us with the addition of up to 5 products. This customization option provides an excellent opportunity for store owners to promote specific products directly on the tracking page. Whether you're looking to boost new arrivals, highlight bestsellers, or push seasonal items, this feature enables you to strategically place product promotions where your customers are already engaged. By utilizing this capability, you can effectively increase product visibility, encourage additional purchases, and enhance the overall customer experience with minimal effort.

Order Tracking Page

TrackOrderr enhances your store by adding a custom order tracking page, designed to offer real-time updates to your customers about their orders. This feature ensures that your customers are always informed about the status of their purchases, from the moment of order placement through to delivery. Providing transparency and constant communication, this tracking page significantly improves customer satisfaction by keeping them engaged and informed. It's an effortless way to elevate the shopping experience on your store, ensuring customers feel valued and secure throughout their purchasing journey.

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